001 IoT Redefinition with ChatGPT and other AI tools

Recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models like GPT may and most probably will give a new boost to the Internet of Things (IoT) and change the communication routine between humans and machines. Blending IoT and GPT technology may totally redefine IoT and bring it one step closer to ‘Internet of Everything’. What’s even more, it may bring the human-machine interface to its ultimate form when it does not exist at all, at least from a user point of view.

002 The Future of DevOps in the AI Era

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology continues to advance, many people become aware that this might affect their jobs. As a DevOps engineer, what is the future of our career in the AI era? Check out here!

003 Information Security: AI Security Within the IoT Industry

As the champion of the company's hacking competition and Networking Technology competition, with 10 years of experience as a Cybersecurity Expert, here is how I define AI security and its solutions, especially within the realm of IoT. While certain sections of my article might appear somewhat unsettling or imaginative, I am, in fact, recounting nothing but facts. This underscores the importance of immediately focusing everyone's attention on AI security.

004 F-statistic Calculation: Exploring its Role in Machine and Deep Learning

Here, we’ll encounter the equation E{(TSS - RSS)/p} = σ^2, a powerful tool that enables data scientists to decode the secrets hidden within their data.

005 Understanding Kubernetes Networking Architecture

From Docker to Kubernetes, container technologies are evolving. Most developers are familiar with Docker but don’t have the fullest grasp of Kubernetes. And the most difficult thing to understand about Kubernetes is its network architecture. Here, I will provide a detailed explanation of the comprehensive architecture of Kubernetes networking, ensuring all aspects are clearly understood.

006 Envisioning the AGI Revolution: A World of Opportunity for Startups and Founders

Explore opportunities that not only promise substantial returns but also ensure the safety of humanity in the AGI era.

007 Cloud Computing: Kubernetes Networking Architecture

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